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Empowering dancers to become the best versions of themselves since 2018. 

We nurture the love of Irish dance, culture and music through quality instruction and training.

Located at 1646B Woodward Drive, Ottawa, ON.

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Beginners age 3 - 99+ welcome

At OIDC we believe everyone can dance!

About Us

Our Story

Ottawa Irish Dance Company is a family friendly dance studio specializing in traditional Irish dance. We are located in the Centre-West of Ottawa, between the Carling and Maitland Queensway exits at:1646B Woodward Dr.


We offer a large studio with professional sprung floors and mirrors. Our mission is to make Irish dance and culture as accessible as possible, so we offer a unique payment structure.  Students sign up for the year but parents pay in monthly instalments. 


You can read more about our programs below! 


Studio Directors:

Siobhan Fleury, TCRG

Christie Glover, Diploma of the Irish Dance Commission

Honorary Staff:

Patty Fleury, TCRG

Suzanne Taylor, TCRG

Teaching Staff:

Katie Gulycz, Diploma of the Irish Dance Commission

Caitlin Crockard

Erin Leddy

Caitlin Nevin

Ashlyn Somerville

Emma Teske

Shoe Fitting and Costumes: 

Natasha Marshy

Our Programs

Our Program


Ages 3 -4

Students must be the age of 3 or 4 at the time of enrollment to participate in this program. Enrollment in the Ireland program is open in September and January each year.


Ages 5 - 6

Students must be a minimum of age five at time of enrollment to participate in this program, and enrollment is open in September and January each year.


Ages 7+

New beginner students ages 7 and up, or beginner students who have graduated from the Ulster program may participate in these classes and enrollment is open year-round.



Students are placed in advanced programs when they enter their third year of dance. The Munster, Leinster and Shannon programs support dancers as they progress to more complex movements.



Adult dancers are very welcome at OIDC! Adult dancers are split into beginner, intermediate and advanced when they join the school. 

Covid-19 Precautions

COVID -19 Precautions

OIDC takes social distancing and COVID -19 precautions very seriously! Please review the studio precautions below and feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.


  • Students should arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before their scheduled lesson wearing a mask.

  • Students should line up outside the space on the markers in the parking lot. Note that students under 18 may line up with a parent outside the building, but all students must wait for a teacher to indicate that they may enter the studio space safely. 

  • Students will enter one at time through the studio door, and exit through the garage door. 

  • Students will be asked to sanitize their hands, then wash them upon entering the space.

  • Students are asked to bring minimal belongings into the space, such as dance shoes, a filled water bottle and required athletic gear. Items are stored in the designated spots in the studio which are regularly sanitized between dancers.

  • Please arrive dressed and ready to dance, there is no access to the washroom to change or fill up water bottles.

  • Dancers must remain distanced from each other and the teacher at all times.

  • Class sizes will be limited and extra time has been built between classes to allow for sanitation and cleaning.

  • Gloves, masks and hand sanitizer are available.

  • The waiting area is closed until further notice. Parents may pick up dancers outside the studio door after their class has finished.

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