7+ - Recreational

Class Times

Program Details

Dancers in the Liffey Program participate in class once a week. Classes are 75 minutes in length as dance complexity begins to increase. Students at this level are graduates of the Connacht or Ulster programs and enrollment is open year round.

Students are now able to dance independently from their teacher and will continue to master their hard shoe dances. Students in this class dance for fun and fitness, and may choose to compete for recreational purposes - not above the Novice level - and participate in grade exams. An emphasis is placed on recital performances, and enjoying everything Irish dance has to offer. The class curriculum is based on student levels, interest and is tailored to class needs.

The uniform fees cover two school T-Shirts, a school journal, and three pairs of dance socks. Journals will be used to write out dance corrections, record home practice and to make other notes. Students are required to bring their journals to each class. We recommend that students place their names on their water bottles, journals and shoes to avoid mix ups.

Class attire includes a school or Irish dance-themed shirt, black, blue or grey shorts or skort and white or black dance socks. Students must be fitted with appropriate footwear including both soft and hard shoes to participate in class. Students may attend a shoe fitting day at the school, or email to arrange a private fitting.