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Our Vision

Ottawa Irish Dance Company (OIDC) empowers dancers to become the best dancer they can be. Some students have competitive goals, and others dance for fun. Whatever the goal the OIDC team supports all dancers equally.

Historically Irish dance has been very competition-oriented, however OIDC takes a holistic approach to programming to ensure that our students receive a dance education that is fun, engaging and safe. We incorporate the history and culture of Ireland into our lessons, as well as teach the skill of goal setting, self discipline and teamwork.

our Programs

Our programs are named after the four provinces in Ireland: Ulster, Munster, Connacht and Leinster, as well as two famous rivers, the Shannon and the Boyne.


OIDC takes a holistic approach to our programming to ensure that our students receive a dance education that is fun, engaging and safe.

School Ceili

At OIDC, we hold two ceilis each year, usually in the Fall and the Spring, in lieu of a more formal recital.


Ceilis provide a performance opportunity so dancers can showcase the skills they have learned. 

Dress Code

OIDC has a very basic child and youth programs dress code. 

Wearing appropriate clothing for dancing class is a safety issue and this policy will be strictly adhered to.

Grade Exams


Grade exams provide a structured framework to support dancers in progressing towards achievable goals.


The syllabus provides a strong foundation in Irish Dance.


Feis (plural = feiseanna) is the Irish word for competition. Students demonstrate proficiency in Irish dance technique for adjudicators who award medals.


These placements are often used to inform teachers’ recommendations on students’ progress through program levels.

Our Curriculum

The Ottawa Irish Dance Company (OIDC) curriculum aligns learning goals to the grade exam syllabus set out by the Irish Dancing Commission (CLRG) of which OIDC is a member.


As students progress through our various programs they will be encouraged to take grade exams, as well as attend dance competitions to support building a strong dance technique. Taking grade exams and competition are optional, but are ways of demonstrating mastery and proficiency in dance technique and help students learn to set goals.


Once dancers reach the age of ten, a physical fitness program is introduced to aid with general strength development which is essential to execute more complex choreography and longer routines. Our physical fitness program is designed by a certified personal trainer to ensure muscle groups can support high levels of dance safely, and to help with injury prevention. The program is always safe and age-appropriate.

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