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3 - 4 Pre School

Class Times

9:00 AM to 9:30 AM

Program Details

Dancers in the Ireland program participate in classes once a week for 30 minutes. Students are usually ages 2.5 - 4 at the time of enrolment. Enrolment in the Ireland program is open in September and January each year.

The curriculum of this class focuses on creative movement, rhythm and counting and not on specific dances. Students begin to explore foundational Irish dance movements, how to point their toes, jump and interact with a teacher in a fun and encouraging environment. Teaching makes use of games, songs, instruments and props. Students are taught to say hello, goodbye and thank you to their teacher each class to build confidence interacting with others. This program is meant to be non-competitive and fun, however if parents and students wish to take part in competition they may participate in a feis at the Tir Na Nog level.

Uniform fees include a school t-shirt, dance socks, black dance slippers along with a teddy bear that will ‘live’ at the studio. Students complete the uniform with their own black, blue or grey shorts or leggings. All dancers are fit with black dance slippers in their first week of class, however additional shoes, socks and t-shirts are available for purchase through the school.

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