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Class Times

Thursdays 5:30 pm - 6:15 pm,
Saturdays 8:45 am - 9:30 am

Program Details

Dancers in the Ulster Program participate in classes once a week, although keen students are encouraged to come twice a week! Classes are 45 minutes in length as students continue to develop their attention and focus. Students must be a minimum of age five at time of enrollment to participate in this program, and enrollment is open in September and January each year.

In this program students are introduced to the Irish language, and learn to say hello, goodbye and thank you to their teachers in the Irish language each class. Students learn to distinguish between their right and left foot, point their toes as well as learn their first dance routines. Students are invited to try competition at the Beginner level however this is always optional. Dancers graduate from the Ulster program when they have learned their beginner jig and reel in soft shoes, and can perform those dances with support from their teacher. At this level, students are invited to perform at shows and school celebrations called ceilis.

Class attire includes a school or dance-themed shirt, black shorts or skort and white or black dance socks. Clean indoor running shoes may be worn for the first month of class, and students are fitted with irish dance soft shoes for girls or black jazz shoes for boys in the second month of classes.

Students have the option to purchase their first beginner school costume in this program. OIDC school costumes are reused from year to year unlike other dance forms which require different costumes to be purchased each year. The school offers new and lightly-used costumes for resale to keep costs as low as possible.

Registration fees cover a school T-shirt, and each dancer's first pair of dance socks.

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